Tips For Decorating Youth Bedrooms

When our children leave behind their childhood to fall into the complicated and difficult adolescence, everything changes. Not only does he change inside, in search of his personality, he also changes on the outside: his physique, his way of dressing, his way of expressing himself. It is not uncommon that with all these changes, your children's bedroom also needs a radical change , escaping from toys, bear patterns and pastel colors to inexorably approach the decoration of youth bedrooms.

The decoration of juvenile dormitories has its more and its less , like everything else. During this stage of life and until he becomes independent, his bedroom will be his space, the place to take refuge , where to be himself. It will be on the walls of that room where little by little grow, becoming the adult person that is destined to be. In this situation, it is important that when decorating your room we do not do it unilaterally, but we must count on it at all times, thus avoiding an unpleasant situation.

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Tips and advice Before Choosing Youth Bedroom Decor

There are a number of issues that you need to consider before choosing the youth bedroom decor for your child , with them, you will avoid a lot of headaches.

Let it be your child who chooses your bedroom: the bedroom will be for your son or daughter, therefore, it is logical that he or she who chooses the decoration of your bedroom. Of course you can guide it, providing ideas, but you should never impose a design unilaterally. A bedroom is a refuge, a place to feel comfortable, at home, so it should be a reflection of your personality.

Always think about the space available: it is not the same to have a mini room to have a lot of space in the bedroom. There are solutions for the first or second case, but to be able to choose them consistently, you must be realistic with its size.

Draw a floor plan of the room to distribute the elements: a plane where the plugs appear and all other things that can not move, it is a good idea to be able to distribute furniture and cabinets, knowing the size of the items you want to include in she.

Make a list with essential: what will your child use your bedroom? Is it just a place to rest or is it your place of study and rehearsal for your guitar lessons? It is important that we adapt the space and the elements chosen according to what is really necessary: ​​a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, etc.

The importance of functionality: there are nice furniture but they are not very practical, when choosing the decoration of youth bedrooms for your child, you must think about the use that will give them. The furniture and functional accessories are much better than the decorative furniture that complicate their use too much.

Storage space: let's face it: children are messy by nature, and if we put it on hard, forgetting storage space, even more. To maintain order, it is important that each thing has its place and that it is easy to order. A couch in the bed, drawers or boxes, trunks, extra cabinets, there are plenty of possibilities to organize a possible mess!
Youth Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Hands on, once we have taken into account the tips and advice above, it is time for us to take a look at ideas of decoration of juvenile dormitories , with them we can start designing the perfect room for our son, let's go!

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Choose a range of colors

Before you start looking at furniture, you need to choose the color range of the room . The normal thing is to choose one or two colors and from here to play with the contrasts. Ask your child what color he prefers to decorate his room. Most teenagers have a favorite color and this is the one they usually choose to decorate.

In black and red: in the decoration of this youth bedroom, have chosen black and red to decorate. Many young people ask for a room painted black, although it is not a good idea to paint the four walls, you can choose one of them. In this case, the white furniture avoids a room too dark and heavy, just as the photographs and the decorative vinyl of the tree.

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Pink and feminine: in this case, we are in front of a fully feminine bedroom in which the main color is pink and all its derivatives. It is also played with white and black that bring some contrast to the room.

In orange: in this case we see a decoration of juvenile bedrooms in orange and white, it is a spacious bedroom with plenty of storage space and can be great for both boys and girls, regardless of gender.

Choice of decorative style

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Although it is not necessary to choose a particular decorative style if it is important that the elements that we use in the decoration of youth bedrooms have some coherence with each other. For example, it does not make much sense to put a rustic bed in a fully modern room. The decorative style will give personality to the room itself .

Modern: The decoration of modern youth bedrooms is based primarily on simplicity and minimalism: straight lines, functional furniture and the use of space.

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Industrial style : industrial style is booming nowadays, it is a rather masculine style, with cool colors and materials such as metal, brick or wood.

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Shabby Chic: Shabby Chic decoration is also very fashionable , although it is popular mainly among the girls, something understandable by its use of pastel colors and the feminine environments that creates.

The bed, central in the decoration of juvenile dormitories

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Tips For Decorating Youth Bedrooms 9

Which bed do I choose? Single, large, with canape, with storage, with another bed underneath, recessed in the wall to gain space, on the desk, etc. There are many factors that can help you choose the perfect bed, one of the essential is the size of the room, if you have to deal with a decoration of small juvenile bedrooms , you will surely have to bet on a single or raised bed on a desk or Wardrobe, while if you have space to spare, a large bed is much more comfortable.

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Folding bed: a folding bed that is hidden when not needed, is a good idea for youth bedrooms that do not have a large space.

Bed under writing: a bed under desk is also a great idea to save space, especially if we are in front of a very small space.

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Tips For Decorating Youth Bedrooms 14

Bed with storage space: bed with storage space under the bed and auxiliary bed for visits, is a very good way to optimize space to the maximum.

The closet, get the order to be eaten bread

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Most youth bedroom decor pictures feature neat and organized juvenile dorms , however, most teens have trouble keeping everything in place: clothing, accessories, class books, backpacks, bags, etc. Choosing a wardrobe that has the proper compartments to organize your things is easier can help you to convince your child to try to organize a little your wardrobe or room, or at least, to do it more eagerly.

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Built-in wardrobes: There are more and more people who opt for built-in wardrobes because they occupy less space and allow full customization of the compartments, however, it is necessary to do work at home and not everyone can afford it. The idea is to be able to have a space for each element: a shoemaker, a suit for trousers, another for shirts, shirts, belts, etc.

Compartments in sight: it has also become very fashionable to use wardrobes with compartments in view in the decoration of youth bedrooms , this allows optimizing the space as much as possible, on the contrary, it is mandatory to have a certain order on the shelves, since there is no Cabinet doors that can conceal the mess.

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Wardrobe in the corner: a wardrobe is the best option for reduced spaces, in addition, if the room is narrow but elongated, you can opt for this layout: bed, desk and wardrobe.

Study area, help you get good grades

Most of the time the room also serves as a study area, which makes it essential to have a desk where the young man can do his homework and study . Deciding where to place the desk depends on the shape of the bedroom and the distribution possibilities, but what kind of desk is better?

Wardrobe in the corner: a wardrobe is the best option for reduced spaces, in addition, if the room is narrow but elongated, you can opt for this layout: bed, desk and wardrobe.

Only a wood: it is a very comfortable option, since it allows to have a very clear space in both the top and the bottom.

Desk under bed: as we have already mentioned in a previous point, it is a very valid option in the decoration of juvenile bedrooms especially if you do not have much space in the room.

Let her personalize her bedroom with souvenirs and photographs

It is nice to see pictures of decoration of juvenile super ordered and depersonalized, but a bedroom is the reflection of the person who lives in it , and at a stage as important as adolescence, it is normal for one to want his room to have photographs and memories That have helped to forge their identity.

Cork board is one of the simplest ideas to allow your children to have a "board" to hang pictures, concert tickets, movie tickets and a lot of more memories.

On the wall: young people have always hung posters and photos on the wall, ideally, in decorating juvenile dormitories, so that it is not chaotic, is to choose a space where to hang these objects.

Tips For Decorating Youth Bedrooms 19

DIY Projects: Choosing DIY project ideas to decorate the walls of a bedroom with photos is a good idea since they are usually very economical and original options that will give a fresh and youthful look to the room.

Did you like these youth bedroom decorating tips ? Make sure to make as your main inspiration to decor!

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