Tips For Decorating Small Floors

Living in a big city has great advantages. Have all the services at hand, enjoy a more lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, etc. However, living in cities can also be disadvantaged. For example, we can say that as a rule, the floors in the cities will be much smaller, and is that space is limited, and therefore, the price of square meter soar. Even so, there is no harm that for good does not come, because decorating a small floor can be much simpler and cheaper.

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On a small floor the functionality premium above all else. Thus, although the decorative touches must be essential to give personality, the functional furniture will impose itself with force to another type of furniture. Let's look for small tables that at any given moment can open up and become large surfaces, a good sofa that perfectly suits the space and small chairs or even stools.

Tips For Decorating Small Floors 2

Decorating a small apartment does not mean giving up those little details that we like. We can continue adding plants to our decoration, except that having less space, it may be better to opt for some smaller ones. In addition, although we have less walls and really do not want to recharge them much, we can choose one to place all those photos, pictures or pictures that we like, leaving the rest of the walls free so that the feeling of amplitude does not diminish.

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As always, remember that in small spaces it is better to opt for light and neutral furniture. Giving color through textiles is a very Nordic style solution that in addition to being great in our home, will make it have much more light and therefore appear larger. As you see, although living in a big city can reduce the space of our home, the truth is that we will not find problems to decorate a small study style home. We just have to think about practicality and functionality, and why not remove all the walls we can to make the space more transparent.

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