Tips For Decorating Halls

When looking for a new floor, we often prevent it from having a decorative hallway. And we tend to think that these spaces subtract meters to the rooms. For this reason, the corridors are understood as places unnecessary, often dark and cold, because they are a common thread in the interior of the house. However, you have to open your mind a little and think about the decorative potential of these aisles.

There are quite classic options but with very good results, such as filling the walls of our corridors with photographs of our travels, our family and friends. So, when we come here, we will be remembering some of the best moments of our life, in addition to adding a rather interesting collage from the decorative point of view.

Another option that works great for decorating areas of passage is to create small bookshelves to place books. It is an excellent option, as it is not necessary to make shelves with much depth to hang the volumes. In addition, if we have children in the house, we can choose to place low shelves so they can order the books themselves.

We liked this idea in which in addition to providing artificial light with several lamps, we opted to dispense with furniture by stacking old magazines. The result is a recycled sideboard that is used to place photo frames and mirrors, certainly an option of the most original to decorate corridors.

If our hallway is wide enough, we can always choose to place custom cabinets on the sides. In this way we will be taking advantage of a space, which, as a general rule, is always empty.

The more daring choose to break with the harmony of the rest of the house. How to get it? Using eye-catching paintings or extravagant wallpapers in the hallway. It is not about covering all the walls, but we use one with this purpose and the rest leave them white, the result can be quite interesting.

Finally, there are those who try to incorporate architectural elements that are decorative at the same time, such as this corridor in which has chosen to leave the beams of the ceiling in sight. With just that, the wooden floor and that indigenous statue, have gotten a cozy and warm aisle.

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