Take advantage of dining spaces

With style and design you can decorate your dining room, taking advantage of all your spaces in the best way, even if you have a very small dining room. If the dining room is small, a few meters, the best option is an extensible round table, we manage to occupy less space and not have corners fit more diners. In order not to reduce the space, custom shelves can be put, for example, to the sides of the window taking advantage of the available spaces. Painted the same color as the walls do not reduce the environment.

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If the dining room is large, the best option is a rectangular or oval table, you can put chairs or armchairs with armrests, which are more comfortable. You can choose to add a low sideboard to organize the dishes, a mirror, a carpet and some paintings give style and warmth to this environment. The lighting for this dining room can be: two twin lamps or a lamp with arms on the table. To combine dark furniture and chairs upholstered in leather, one proposal is to provide warmth to the place.

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You can take advantage of a wall and place a large library patina in a light tone, providing brightness to the environment. Two lamps on the table provide the necessary light for a family dinner. If we have an open kitchen that separates our dining room only with a small low wall, brings more breadth and light to both environments. Various uses may be made of this separation, such as a pasaplat or a shelf. A square table and chairs upholstered in raw color give much warmth and light to the environment, which combine with the walls to the tone. A beautiful lamp with arms and a combination of paintings give the result of a perfect atmosphere.

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