Swings Made With Pallets Tutorial

We have talked to you on countless occasions of the versatility that we find on pallets. These are elements that by their material, wood, can be adapted and reused for an endless number of alternative furniture. It just takes imagination, time and a little skill with the tools.

Swings Made With Pallets Tutorial 1

On this occasion we have noticed an idea that we have sincerely loved. It is about using these elements to make swings, those elements that hang from two ropes and that serve to balance.

Swings Made With Pallets Tutorial 2

Navigating the web we have found a myriad of options. We can, for example, leave our pallet as it is. Simply sanding it, because as we know, they always have areas that are quite chipped. If we place a mattress or pillows on top of it, besides being a great swing, we will get a relax area that we can place in any corner of our garden or terrace.

Swings Made With Pallets Tutorial 3

Dimensions should not worry too much. As a general rule pallets are large, but in addition, we can always end up joining several. In addition, the good thing about this material is that when varnishing it, we can choose the tone of wood that we like the most. Moreover, if we want to paint it of any color we will not have any problem, because its porous surface perfectly accepts the painting.

Swings Made With Pallets Tutorial 4

Swings Made With Pallets Tutorial 5

The ropes should be quite thick and well secured, because we do not want our swing to fall apart, and less when one of our children is on top.

Swings Made With Pallets Tutorial 6

Swings Made With Pallets Tutorial 7

Finally, there are those who prefer to work a little more on this idea and take their time to build a real swing, those with structure included, with pieces of palet. It is a very complex work, because the truth is that it will have to be sanded and varnished enough wood. In addition, surely we will have to get enough pallets to be able to get an element bigger than a simple swing tied to two ropes.

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