Suspended Toilets And Cisterns

Suspended toilets are an excellent solution for bathrooms, especially when it comes to small bathrooms, because with them we increase visually the space, as well as being really aesthetic. Another resource to save space in the bathroom are backpacks or hidden cisterns.

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Have you ever thought about placing a suspended toilet? What do you know about the hidden cisterns? Next we will talk about these two issues, and we will give you all the keys to be able to introduce this type of elements in your bathroom.

What is a suspended toilet?

The suspended toilet, as its name indicates, is the one that is suspended on the floor, thus relieving the load of the environment. As for the cistern or backpack, although it can be seen, usually the recessed cistern is usually used, to continue supporting the concept of visual cleaning.

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What is a hidden cistern?

The backpacks, or cisterns, occupy very little space, about 10 cm. Thus, we take first the first myth that there is usually about them. Neither do they dwarf the bathroom. Moreover, when placed, it can be used to raise a small wall of work with its corresponding shelf, for example. As for the tank itself, the only thing we will appreciate about it is the pushbutton, which can be made of different materials. A clean design that fits perfectly with the minimalist bathrooms and more.

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Advantages of suspended toilets with concealed cistern

Visual lightness

As we have commented, these two elements together are very light visually. The feeling of levitation of the toilet, along with the absence of backpack of bathroom in sight, get smaller bathrooms look bigger.

Question of proportions

By not being supported on the floor, the suspended toilet and bidet can play better with the proportions. Thus, suspended sanitary can present more rounded than normal, more elongated and in short, different and much more aesthetic. Able to fit in any decorative style.

Ease when cleaning

Undoubtedly, these types of suspended toilets facilitate the cleaning work in the bathroom. By being able to pass brooms and rags under the pieces, we will avoid the corners where the dirt grows. A toilet that certainly facilitates the daily routine to keep our bathroom clean.

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Disadvantages of suspended toilets

A more complicated installation

If we talk about inconveniences, the first is the installation. Yes, suspended toilets and bidets and concealed cisterns are much more complicated to install. We must take into account that we have to build a small wall or partition to hide the whole mechanism of the backpack, so obviously it will take longer. It is best to install the built-in backpack when building the house, but when it comes to a post-construction reform, we will face that difficulty.

Higher cost

Taking into account that they are more difficult to install, it is not surprising that the price of these toilets is much higher. In the event that we are looking for a modest budget, certainly suspended toilets are not the solution we are looking for.

More complex maintenance

It is not that day to day suppose a greater expense with this type of toilets, but its maintenance if it can cost us a little more. Toilets and their cisterns, suspended or not, can be damaged as conventional. However, in this case, repairs will be more expensive, precisely because its mechanism is more complicated as well as its installation.

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And what do you think of the combination of suspended toilets with cisterns or backpacks hidden? We hope this article is useful to you if you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel.

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