Storage solutions for bedrooms

If there is something important in a room, especially in small bedrooms, in addition to the bed, it is the storage space. It is generally not enough with a closet, however organized it is, and for this reason today we want to offer some storage solutions for bedrooms that may interest you.

Storage solutions for bedrooms 1

The homes are getting smaller and we are forced to sharpen the ingenuity, both us and the furniture designers, to offer functional and decorative storage solutions at the same time. If it is a matter of bedrooms, it will surely come to our head first to take advantage of the space under the bed, as we have seen in previous articles. This can be achieved in different ways, and one of our favorites is to place wicker baskets or whatever material they are. These are easy to take out and put as many times as necessary. The counter that we can find this option is at the time of cleaning, although being light baskets would not have to take much effort to remove them every time we need to clean our room.

Storage solutions for bedrooms 2

There are beds that are designed for this purpose, even with the built-in baskets but we can also do with normal beds, we should only get baskets or baskets that fit in that space.

Storage solutions for bedrooms 3

Continuing with the space under the bed we must not fail to mention the functional beds that are obtained in the market with beautiful sliding drawers.

Storage solutions for bedrooms 4

Another area where we can implement storage space is the headboard. We loved the following two solutions, in the first they have placed wooden shelves in white, in this case were used three but could well be done with two, depending on the width of these.

Storage solutions for bedrooms 5

And the next one is more original, have used as a headboard beautiful boxes of Ikea stacked on top of each other by setting up a structure that allows storing whatever, even up to the night table function!

Storage solutions for bedrooms 6

Another solution that has enchanted us is the use of trunks at the foot of the bed. In the previous case, two white benches have been placed with space inside to store. Depending on the decoration of the room, large wicker baskets could be used as trunks, as shown in the following image.

Storage solutions for bedrooms 7

Finally we will talk about solutions a little more sophisticated for which special furniture is required for this. One, well-known, are the beds with canapé. Ideal to take advantage of spaces, especially in small rooms. They are special beds with a system to lift them easily and find a space more than interesting to store clothes, shoes or whatever we can think of.

Storage solutions for bedrooms 8

And what can we say of this headboard that hides a removable module where we can keep books, study material or any object that we pretend to keep hidden or protected. This margofic headboard is from Ikea.

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