Storage in Dormitories

Alternatives there are many, from the use of some auxiliary furniture, shelves, wicker baskets, even more sophisticated and tailor-made furniture.

Storage in Dormitories 1

Take advantage of the feet of the bed

We can, for example, use the feet of the bed to place an extra storage area. The options here are several. Thus, we could choose open shelves, to be able to place books and shape an improvised library.

Storage in Dormitories 2

Storage in Dormitories 3

We can also opt for the typical trunks, a resource of the most useful for storing blankets and bedding. In addition, with this concrete solution, we will be able to add a decorative plus; And there are models of the most interesting.

Storage in Dormitories 4

Storage in Dormitories 5

If the lines of our room are much more modern, we can always opt for a furniture of straight lines. An auxiliary table such as the photo that allows us to place books and also have storage space for bedding. And we can also opt for a modern style storage.

Take advantage of the low bed space

Storage in Dormitories 6

Storage in Dormitories 7

Using the bottom of our bed can be a most useful option. This space, by general rule, is completely wasted. This way we can use it to store bedding, seasonal clothes or any other item. For this we can avail of boxes of PVC or wood, or of wicker baskets.

Storage in Dormitories 8

We can, for example, put boxes under our bed. But in addition, there are other options such as incorporating bunkers or drawers that can be opened in a simpler way. There are many beds that incorporate this system, but if we are handyman, we can also create a nice tatami with lower space to place drawers, as we can see in the picture.

The magic of the couch beds

Storage in Dormitories 9

And if you try to economize space in dorms maybe an excellent option are the famous canapé beds, such as the ones we see in the following images, where we will be able to store things under the surface of it.

Storage space in the headboard of the bed

Storage in Dormitories 10

Finally, one option that we love is to use the part of the head of the bed to place a nice dresser, for example. It's about leaving a space to be able to pass, at the same time we create a completely different bed headboard.

Storage in Dormitories 11

Another alternative would be to make a custom furniture in our headboard, which will help us to store books, and other objects, in order to keep it tidy. What did you get from the ideas? We hope you will be inspired. There are always options to get extra storage space in one bedroom, no matter how small.

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