Storage Ideas For The Kitchen

The kitchen, on many occasions, can be a great battlefield. It is necessary that it is completely ordered so that it does not result a careless and dirty place, and for that, the space of storage is essential.

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We bring you some interesting ideas that can come in handy when ordering and storing things in your kitchen. From waitresses, accessories to your drawers or even glass containers and wooden boxes. Make your kitchen a clean and tidy place with these ideas and also add charm to this stay of the house.

Functional kitchen furniture

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Perhaps it is the most interesting as far as furniture is concerned; And is that modern kitchens, or rather, manufacturers of modern kitchens, have endless options to dress your drawers. From cutlery to removable drawers. These types of solutions are usually not economical, but if you are a handyman, you can build your own separator and organize the drawers in your kitchen yourself.

Lack of good cabinets are the shelves

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Small kitchens find many problems with regard to tall cabinets. We must keep in mind that the cabinets in the upper kitchen area may be dwarfed. For this reason, lately we see how the shelves or shelves are increasingly used in the air. The advantage is that they are lighter visually, have more than enough space to have your things organized and will be more in sight. The main drawback is that, being so exposed, it is necessary to have them always ordered, as they will be seen immediately upon entering the kitchen.

Glass jars for organizing

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If you have little space in your kitchen and want a solution to store flours, pasta, rice and other ingredients, why not use glass jars? They do not necessarily have to be aesthetic, on the contrary. There are really beautiful models, not to mention the DIY possibilities of these elements. On YouTube there are many tutorials to decorate glass jars for the kitchen, which could interest you. Also, if you have opted for open shelves, you can order them in one of them, having all your ingredients at your fingertips at any time.

Boxes and baskets for the kitchen

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Wooden, cloth or wicker, even metal boxes. They are elements that can give much game in what storage in kitchen refers. Inside you can save an endless amount of products and utensils, in addition they can be placed in shelves, in hollows of shelves giving a little more privacy to your furniture or even in vertical panels hung correctly.

A multipurpose trolley or waitress

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The waitresses have long served as extra storage space. In addition, there are many that have surface that can also make of extra bench to prepare your dishes. They usually have wheels and can be placed in any corner of the kitchen. With drawers or shelves, it will be the ideal place to store everything from cutlery to foods like potatoes or onions.

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