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There is always a must in the decoration of a living room. Sofa and television are impossible to forget, but in addition, it is also advisable to have shelves. These elements allow storing and decorating. Functionality and style in equal parts. However, the space problem can limit your options.

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If you are looking for an original idea, to take advantage of the holes in your living room and also have a high degree of personalization, we recommend the shelves of work, a resource that should be taken into account and discussed below.

Take advantage of spaces between columns

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The work shelves are made to measure and, therefore, they are able to take advantage of the hardest millimeter of your living room. If you have inopportune columns, and the measures of the prefabricated shelves do not just fit, do not hesitate, the shelves of work will make it easy. Focus on the gap and build from the available space, resulting in a tailor-made piece that will fit seamlessly.

Take advantage of your ceilings

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Not only are there limitations in the width of a prefabricated shelf, you will also find them on top of them. If your home has high ceilings, and you love those images of libraries up to the ceiling, bet on a bookshelf. The storage space will be doubled, using a part of your walls that otherwise you could not take advantage of. In addition, aesthetically we can not deny that this type of furniture up to ceiling look great.

Customization on shelves

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Continuing with the subject of the pre-established measures, if there is something that is worth the shelves of work is the freedom to create more or less wide gaps. Sometimes when we buy a prefabricated shelf, we find that the holes are insufficient to place certain objects or even books. In the case of works, this does not happen. Take pre-measurement of what you want to place and make sure the space between shelf and shelf is the one you need at all times.

Durable and durable furniture

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Resistance is another of the qualities of these shelves. While those that are purchased may have a limited life, in which the shelves end up deforming or yielding by weight, the works are usually built with strong and resistant products, which will greatly extend the shelf life.

Diversity of materials

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And if we talk about the materials, it is true that we will find a substantial price difference between the shelves already made and the ones that are raised to measure. However, it is also easy to locate low-cost materials that do not detract from quality and that greatly reduce the product, such as plaster or durlock.

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However, it is important to know what professional works well, both this material and for example the plaster (one of the most used in the shelves), as we said, can be a large investment (depending on size) and is always It is recommended that the work be done by an expert.

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