Secrets of The Hipster Decoration

The time of the hipsters is now. Yes. It's not a new concept for many. If you look at its definition we find a subculture of young people associated with certain tastes. For example, indie and alternative music trends, fashion that moves away from predominant currents, progressive policies, consumption of organic foods and handcrafted products. But could this be reflected in the world of decoration? The truth is, yes. We approach a few keys or secrets of how hipster decoration is. Ideas to give a different touch to your home and make it a little more "independent".
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Mix the old with the new

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It is definitely one of the keys to this style is to mix the new with the old. The hipsters feel great attraction for all those old things, from furniture to kitchen utensils. The vintage style, therefore, is allowed to be seen in the houses hipsters, yes, without abusing; and is that in the balance is the secret, to be able to mix old furniture with others a little more modern. We could say that the perfect combination would be between a Nordic or Scandinavian style, in its most minimalist state, with retro or vintage touches.

Bicycles are not just for walking
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Every hipster has a bicycle. If only to show it at home. Yes, bicycles have become part of the décor of this type of house. It is a means of ecological transport, but you can also hang it in any corner of the house. Do you think it's little? It uses bike parts as independent decorative objects or even sheets, photographs or miniatures of bicycles.

Culture and Reading
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If there's one thing that's more like a hipster than a bike, it's definitely a good book. If they're old and ajados much better. If you have history (an old relic of the grandfather of the family) have a plus. Second-hand book stores are all a reef for this subculture, and placing them at home is always an art. Large shelves that remind visitors what they are passionate about reading. Those most famous works should always be visible, the important thing is that people, when entering, recognize them.

Top Recycling
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A hipster recycles, there was no doubt. Therefore, in your home you should also see this passion for the reuse of materials such as wood. Furniture made with old boxes or pieces of other furniture is always welcome. Low pallet tables, dining tables made with doors or urban orchards built with recycled materials.

Love for Vinyl
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Bicycles and books. Any other hidden passion? Yes, the vinyls. These hipsters these days go crazy with them. Thus, it is not surprising that the turntables are an essential piece in every living room or studio hipster. In addition, the vinyl records collection should be large enough to impress visitors. No skimp in expenses.

Cooking with a hípster
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Finally you have to focus on the kitchen. In the House of all hipster there must be old kitchen utensils, from old boxes of biscuits, glass jars to kitchen utensils. The ideal is to mix it with modern furniture, but always leaving a part in the view of the people. Yes, you guessed it, the hipsters houses bet on the open shelves. What do you think of this decorative style? Did you know him? We hope that these proposals will inspire you.

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