Renovation an Elegant And Light House

This house from the 60's is located in the center of Madrid. Their owners, a young couple with two children, decided to give it a total change and decided to entrust the task to AMÁSL study to carry out a reform, which as we can see, has been able to take advantage of all the resources offered by it.

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From a change in distribution, through new materials, modern touches and continuity in the environment. A job that truly inspires, and that can help you make decisions if you are thinking of renovating your own home.

Redistribution of environments

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The AMÁSL study, together with the current owners of the house, observed that the original distribution of the house was somewhat chaotic. Lots of hallway, small rooms and little light. These were, without a doubt, the great challenges of reform. They chose to establish a logical separation between the public area (kitchen, hall, dining room and living room) in a single space, and the private area (bedrooms and bathrooms), which after the renovation was at the other end of the house. Also, taking advantage of the separation between the two zones, the storage space with shelves and corridors was increased.

The importance of light to enlarge spaces

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To gain light and illumination, we opted for light colors, both on walls and floors and furniture. It sought continuity, and was achieved using the same floor for the entire dwelling. Laminate floors with large format pieces in wood finish. In addition, to visually expand the ceilings, they placed doors with no upper frame, which reach the ceiling.

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The brightness of the home should thank the white lot, but also the use of LED lamps, which helped create different environments according to the time of day.

Although as we said, the white is key, they did not hesitate to give brushstrokes of gray to bring elegance, even black, in small decorative pieces in the living room and kitchen.

White and touches of wood

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Obviously, the bedrooms look for a bit more warmth. Also in the bathrooms. Thus, this palette of light colors is accompanied by certain pieces of wood, such as the suspended furniture that can be seen in the main bathroom of the house.

Order in the bedroom

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The master bedroom is diaphanous and completely tidy. Many resources were used to achieve this effect. To begin with, use a palette of light colors, always with touches of wood as is the case with the bed or chairs. In addition, they opted for a nice headboard, which manages to make better use of space by adding extra storage space. The dressing room hidden in one of the sides of the bedroom, also leaves this room open.

An en suite bathroom with a lot of style

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The en suite bathroom stands out for its elegance. They have not abandoned the color, but they have risked a little more with the lining of the walls, as well as with the mirror with leds, which undoubtedly give a lot of glamor to this room.

White and yellow for children's bedroom

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The children's room demanded a little more play as far as color is concerned. The advantage of using neutral colors in furniture, walls and floors, is that at any given time you can add color to a concrete wall. In this case it was the yellow, which gives the joy that a children's bedroom needs.