Refrigerators: the most important appliance

Designed to make life easier for people, the refrigerator occupies the place of the indispensable in the home. Thanks to it, it is possible to keep all kinds of food and drinks at low temperatures. Over the years, the technology made great strides possible and achieved unimaginable changes in the area of ​​refrigerators. Today there are different types on the market that satisfy each of the needs and tastes.

There are for large families that require a large space to store food. There is a double door with a compartment for the refrigerator and another for the freezer. For young people who do not have domestic help it is advisable to choose one with a large freezer to store frozen products that always get out of trouble.

Refrigerators: the most important appliance 1

When choosing the refrigerator is not only necessary to take into account the requirements of each family, but also the space available in the kitchen. These factors influence the decision and help define the purchase.

Space available: One factor to keep in mind when buying a refrigerator is the space that will occupy and the path that has to travel until you reach the kitchen. It is very important to take the measurements of doors, corridors, elevators. Who prevents it costs for two !!

Where and how to locate it: Finding the right place to install it is one of the basic conditions. Do not place them near sources of heat such as the stove, the oven, or the heater, since the high temperatures will impair the correct functioning of the equipment.

Refrigerators: the most important appliance 2

It is necessary to maintain a distance of approximately 5 cm between the wall and the back of the appliance and provide a minimum space of between 10 cm and 15 cm between the ceiling of the appliance and the cabinet, if it should be installed underneath. The floor on which the refrigerator is placed should not have unevenness, if you have them, fix them by regulating the legs, if the model allows. If the refrigerator is vertical, leave the front part a little higher than the back, the door will be slightly pressed, closing by gravity and avoiding the loss of cold.

Refrigerators: the most important appliance 3

The electrical connection: First, it is essential to have a correct voltage of electrical power. When connecting the appliance it is essential to do so from an exclusive socket. For best performance, leave the refrigerator or freezer empty and with the door closed running for two hours.

Care: it is recommended to take advantage of the defrosting time to do the cleaning. The first step is to remove the ice with a plastic spatula. But attention! It is prohibited to use sharp, metallic or sharp elements. In the event that more frost is detected than normal, a technical consultation should be made because the fault can be found in the weather stripping and allow the entrance of greater humidity than normal.

When cleaning the refrigerator, it is advisable not to use abrasive detergents or soaps, as well as rough or coarse sponges. Instead, use a solution with a spoonful of baking soda in two liters of warm water and wipe it with a cloth. A cloth moistened with water may also be used. At the end of cleaning it is essential to dry the moisture that was left and just then to connect the refrigerator.

The refrigerator smells bad: do not leave food in the refrigerator for long and store food in plastic containers with airtight lids. In case there is smell, spread coffee beans on a tray. Place it in the refrigerator until the bad odor disappears.

In the freezer: do not place glass containers with liquid. Breakage can cause serious injury. Do not fill containers with liquids to the brim, as they always increase in volume when frozen.

Refrigerators: the most important appliance 4

When closing the house: if the period is short, it can remain functioning as long as the thermostat is set to the minimum and no perishable food is left inside. In case of a long period, leave the refrigerator and freezer empty, thawed and with a previous general cleaning. Leave the door ajar and the appliance unplugged.

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