Possible Distributions For Kitchens

When it comes to getting into a kitchen reform, one of the clearest things we have to have is the distribution of it; And is that not all kitchens are the same, depending on their distribution, we can classify them in: kitchens in line, in parallel, in "L" or "U".

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Depending on the taste of each and, of course, the available space, there will be those who feel better with one distribution or another. This time we show you a little more about these distributions so that you can choose the ideal one for your kitchen.

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This distribution is, perhaps, the most used. It is characterized by having all the furniture along a single wall. In it are located the furniture of storage, but also the appliances, sink and others. It is not the nicest layout, perhaps, but it works very well in small houses, especially in those with narrow, elongated kitchens. Advantage? We did not find almost corners, so cleaning is easier. Also, everything is very well centered and within reach, so cooking here will be very comfortable.

Kitchens in L

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We found another great favorite, the kitchens with "L" distribution. In this occasion we will distribute the kitchen furniture in two walls profiling a clear "L", this arrangement of furniture and appliances is the most appropriate for a rectangular kitchen. Its position allows us to pay attention to the two fronts without much work. They are interesting for the kitchens integrated with the dining room, because it leaves us possibility to use one of the walls of the room only to eat.

Kitchens in U

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U-shaped kitchens allow us to take advantage of all the space of a square kitchen. We will have a large central space that will be empty, so we can cook without problems accessing any corner of it. It is an ideal distribution for large kitchens, but also for small, because taking advantage of all the walls we have more possibilities of storage. In addition, if that empty space that is inside the "U" is large enough, we can put a kitchen island, which will give us more functionality, as it would also serve as a breakfast room, for example.

Kitchens in parallel

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Finally we find the kitchens in parallel, those that dispose of their furniture and elements in an opposing way. Maybe it is not the most comfortable, because we have to be constantly turning. Even so, the current designs allow us to take advantage of the space so that we have a clear area to prepare the food and another different area that we will not use so much for this task, but, for example, to wash the utensils. What we can not deny is how aesthetic they are.

Possible Distributions For Kitchens 11

In conclusion, each distribution has its own. Everything will depend on the dimensions and characteristics of our kitchen. Obviously there are other provisions that we have not talked about here, but these are the 4 most used. And you, what kitchen layout do you like the most?

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