Pennants in children's bedrooms

When it comes to decorating children's rooms, imagination must be our bundle. Thus, we will find ideas so interesting, a few days ago we talked about the slate walls in children's rooms, and today we will share ideas to decorate children's spaces with banners.

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Let us not fall into the error of thinking that these elements are only useful in the decoration of children's parties. Yes, they can serve in such cases, but the fact is that placed as a decorative element more, will add a touch of color and festivity to the nursery. If we want to decorate children's rooms with banners, maybe we should know some things. For example, it is interesting to know that the material may be different. We can choose from cardstock to pinocchio paper. However, the option we like the most, and the most durable, is the option of pennants with cloth.

Pennants in children's bedrooms 2

Pennants in children's bedrooms 3

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You could even play around with this and alternate different types of fabric without any cohesion. We can also choose different prints for each of the flags but follow the same chromatic line. Finally, we can also opt for the same stamping in different colors.

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Pennants in children's bedrooms 6

At the time of placing the pennants we can also have several options. We like the pennants that are placed framing the bed, turning this element into the most important of the room. In addition, if we have a shared room, we can always join both beds with a large strip of flags.

Pennants in children's bedrooms 7

Pennants in children's bedrooms 8

The results are also quite interesting when we place these flags on the windows. Especially when said windows have light. Also, we can try to use them by framing or giving greater importance to other types of furniture such as shelves or cabinets. Be that as it may, it is important to know that the use of these flags will get our eyes fixed on the element they are on. Thus, we must only think which of all the elements of our stay is the one that deserves greater prominence.

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