Paper lamp decorated with butterflies

Paper lamps every day we like more, and not only to us, because the truth is that there is a season where these elements are not integrated and really comfortable, within the decoration catalogs of many decoration shops. Now, we may like paper lanterns but at the same time they look a little beaten up; And is that with very little we can customize and make them unique, giving you a lot more added value as far as decoration is concerned.

Paper lamp decorated with butterflies 1

We propose a great decorative DIY, decorate a lamp with butterflies, thanks to the cookie cutters, nothing more and nothing less. To do this, first and foremost, we need to get a pair of cookie cutters shaped like butterflies. To be one bigger than another, because the difference in size always comes right. Once we have these cutters we will have to choose the shades of our paper. Remember that it is better a paper with a heavier weight, can be up to cardboard, so that the butterflies are completely rigid.

Paper lamp decorated with butterflies 2

Paper lamp decorated with butterflies 3

We can choose to place two colors, or maybe get printed cards to be able to make butterflies much more visual. With the cookie cutters we will mark the silhouettes of our new decorative elements, and then proceed to decorate them, one by one and with great care.

Paper lamp decorated with butterflies 4

When we have enough, it will be time to put them on our paper lamp.

Paper lamp decorated with butterflies 5

We can invent the design we want. For example, there are those who simply bring a touch of color by placing several butterflies spread across the surface. There are also those who strive to create a completely new design completely covering this lamp with small butterflies. It may also be that instead of butterflies we opt for another figure, such as paper flowers. For tastes the colors, each one that chooses the one that best suits its decorative style.

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