Paint Kitchen Furniture With Little Money

Many of you will be thinking about changing your kitchen but you do not have enough money. Yes. It's a nuisance. And more having so many incredible models that make us dream of the perfect kitchen. However, faced with these precarious situations, we must always try to be smarter and use our resources. Today I want to tell you how to change your kitchen with very little money.

With paint

Paint Kitchen Furniture With Little Money 1

The painting has that gift, is able to completely change a stay. Surely many times you have surprised to enter a second time in a room that did not tell you anything, and see that is another, completely different, only and exclusively by the use of a different painting. Well, in the kitchen can also happen that. No matter what type of furniture we have, modern or more rustic, with a little paint will look completely different. To the question of can we paint the furniture of our kitchen with paint? We give it a resounding yes; And is that this substance can be applied on any type of surface, from tiles to furniture of melanin.

Paint Kitchen Furniture With Little Money 2

Today we focus only on painting the front and furniture in general, but the truth is that we can also try to change the look by changing the color of our tiles. Although it seems simple, do not think it will be done alone. We must work, and for this, the first thing will be to make us with all the tools necessary to disassemble the fronts and drawers. Once we have these outside, we will need a sander to polish them a bit.

Paint Kitchen Furniture With Little Money 3

Then it will be time to start painting. Obviously, if we have a gun it will be much easier. However, it does not necessarily have to look bad if we do it by hand. We will soon see that our kitchen has taken on a completely different aspect. Just a couple of paint hands and you're done. Leave a comment and disscuss about others home decorations you want me to share.