Outdoor Furniture Made With Pallets

DIY  pallet garden furniture cushions. If you have a garden or a large terrace, you will probably want to include some outdoor furniture. The offer is vast, but if you are looking for something more original and different, you should definitely bet on recycling. On this occasion we show you some examples of outdoor furniture made with pallets, that material that we like so much and that so many possibilities gives us.

Outdoor Furniture Made With Pallets 1

Pallets can be great allies when it comes to making outdoor furniture. We can, for example, join several of these elements and create authentic armchairs. We will only have to sand them well, paint them and include some smaller part so that it works as backup. Using cushions can be a great touch that will further personalize our chair with pallets.

Outdoor Furniture Made With Pallets 2

Outdoor Furniture Made With Pallets 3

If we opt for a chill out zone we can also use pallets. As we see in the image, it is possible to create low tables and use as many pallets to get a kind of low sofa based on woods and mattresses.

Outdoor Furniture Made With Pallets 4

No matter the type of decoration we seek. If we choose more classic furniture, we can always sanding the wood and varnishing it with a touch of dark wood. As we see in the image above, this finish is ideal for a sophisticated terrace.

Outdoor Furniture Made With Pallets 5

True handymen will have the option of exploiting their imagination to create more elaborate furniture, such as sun loungers. It certainly requires a little more effort, but the result is really lovely.

Outdoor Furniture Made With Pallets 6

In addition, if we do not have too much space, the good thing about the pallets is that we can cut them and create smaller pieces. Smaller outdoor tables where we can place our drinks in a pleasant afternoon with our guests.

Outdoor Furniture Made With Pallets 7

To make this type of furniture we have to take into account several points. The first essential point is the sanding of the pieces of pallets. It is very important, because if they are not sufficiently sanded, the pieces can have areas with chips.

Outdoor Furniture Made With Pallets 8

Color is important too, to choose the ideal we must look at the rest of our furniture. Also, do not forget the textile, thanks to cushions, fabrics and even small mattresses, we can create different and unique pieces, ideal for any garden.

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