New Trends For Kitchens

Kitchen trends are always a source of inspiration when we are thinking of changing and reforming our own. If white was the great king until a few years ago, now we see how little new colors and finishes are introduced. We show you the latest trends, those that are causing real furor in the world of interior decoration. As you will see there is a bit of everything.

New Trends For Kitchens 1

White yes, but mate or silk

We commented that white slowly leaves ground to other colors and finishes, but that does not mean that it is completely dethroned. White is still an excellent bet. That is, you begin to observe a clear tendency to choose whites in matte or silk finish. This is directly related to a return to more classic styles and softs for our interiors, in which matt and satin shades are always welcome.

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New Trends For Kitchens 3

Wood is always a hit

We announced it a few months ago, the wood in kitchens returns with great force. Natural tones are looked for, models that allow to see the proper knots of this material (although it is not doors of solid wood). Combined with retro tiles or even with smooth colors on the wall, always clear, it can give a very warm look. In addition, it is also interesting to combine with white kitchen furniture. Combining these two finishes will make your kitchen look bright and warm at the same time.

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New Trends For Kitchens 5

Bronze cookers

Bronze is not new, during the past years has been, along with copper, a trend in interior decoration. We see it now in kitchens. Yes, in kitchens. Choosing this material is risky, but the effect is elegant and very original. You can choose brass or brushed brass doors, capable of giving a different air to your kitchen. They work very well in open kitchens, especially in those kitchens that have plenty of natural light.

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New Trends For Kitchens 7

Pastel colors

The colorful kitchens never go out of fashion, but well, they always adapt to the trends. The pastel tones came into our life to make our house a lot softer. Small carpets, vases and even comfortable sofas. Now you can also fill your kitchen with these pastel colors. Use the mint green, very fashionable, or decántate for a beautiful blue. The best thing is that with the white and the wood are spectacular. If you do not want your whole kitchen to look like this, combine it with them. Luckily we have variety in trends for kitchens.

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New Trends For Kitchens 10

Kitchen Trends: Dark Colors

They are also trend. Look at this, because dark colors are always more advisable in those large kitchens. If your kitchen is small, but is open to the living room or dining room and has plenty of natural light, there is no problem.

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The black color brings an indisputable elegance, although if the natural light is not much, you can always turn to the gray, which many consider to be the new target. As in the previous cases, we recommend to opt for matte and satin finishes, as these remove dramatics from the set of furniture. What do you think of these proposals? If you are looking for more ideas to decorate kitchens we recommend you visit our "Kitchen" section.