New Tips For Decorating Hallways

We love that you like our post and ideas. The last one on hallways was a success, so today we want to share more tips to decorate corridors. If you have very narrow aisles, ideally you use white paint for the walls. Obviously the same should be smooth. Finishes like the gotelé are not usually very good when it comes to creating ample spaces in sight.

New Tips For Decorating Hallways 1

We love the idea that our narrow aisle is white and that it also has clear floors and doors. No doubt we will be able to give more light and expand visually. The touch of color we can give it on the floor, thus avoiding narrow walls. Some pretty and colorful carpets will be more than enough; And is that in these cases, less is more.

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New Tips For Decorating Hallways 3

If you are lucky that your corridor ends on a nice balcony or terrace full of plants why not make it a continuation of it? Paints the walls of an olive green and uses wood, a material that provides extreme warmth. You can also add some other vase with flowers and pictures with landscapes. The result will be delightfully perfect.

New Tips For Decorating Hallways 4

There are times that our corridors are not long, they are rather small distributors. The truth is that in these cases we can play a bit more with space, because they are usually wider. We can add shelves with photos, and even some coat rack. In addition, the colors will not be as determinant, so you can use other darker tones, although obviously the light colors will always be better choice.

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New Tips For Decorating Hallways 6

There are old furniture that we can update and that will give a much more rustic air to our halls. In addition, we can also play with items such as radiators. We can cover them with embellishments or paint them like the rest of the walls.

New Tips For Decorating Hallways 7

Finally, re-emphasize the importance of carpets. Even if we do not create it, only using this element will make our corridor change completely.

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