Narrow Dining Room Table Ideas

Small dining rooms can be a headache when furnishing. The truth is that given small dimensions, it is best to evaluate the possibilities and be honest with ourselves. Obviously we will not be able to put large tables of glass or wood with an endless number of large chairs. Even so, there are always solutions.

Narrow Dining Room Table Ideas 1

We can, for example, opt for smaller tables, for two, but that in a certain moment they can be extended and become authentic ceremonial tables. For this, it would be ideal to accompany it with two chairs and have folding chairs for when we have to open it.

Narrow Dining Room Table Ideas 2

Narrow Dining Room Table Ideas 3

Another option for Narrow dining rooms are those tables that have a foothold on the wall. As a general rule it is easier to take advantage of the space if we use the wall as if it were a leg over the table. In this way we will gain a few inches to make the table a little longer.

Narrow Dining Room Table Ideas 4

Narrow Dining Room Table Ideas 5

The round tables are ideal for trying to save some space. In addition, they allow enough chairs around. We can try to put each of a style to add a decorative plus to the composition.

Narrow Dining Room Table Ideas 6

These round tables can be placed in the smaller rooms. If we also add comfortable chairs, we will be creating a corner of the most comfortable, with enough charm.

Narrow Dining Room Table Ideas 7

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting options is to unify the idea of ​​small table, be it round or square, with a couple of chairs around and a bench. The bench allows us to take advantage of a piece of wall that would otherwise be lost, ideal if we do not want to occupy more space with unnecessary chairs.

Narrow Dining Room Table Ideas 8

As you see, not having space does not mean that we have to opt for a decorative solution with little charm. We just have to observe and think with what style we want to wear this stay of the house and create a little touch to lovely Narrow Dining Room Tables.