Modern White kitchen furniture

If you want to change the kitchen furniture and you do not have very clear which color to use for your front, we propose a kitchen with white furniture; And is that the versatility and lighting of this color will surprise you.

Modern White kitchen furniture 1

The white color makes the smaller spaces are wider. An optical effect that will increase if we have large windows, as we saw in our post "Kitchens with lots of natural light". The white kitchens allow you to play very much with the colors of the tiling and the pavement. Thus, we can opt for example by a floor of synthetic wood, an option that will bring warmth to our kitchen. However, choosing nice tiles will not be incompatible with our white kitchen furniture.

Modern White kitchen furniture 2

Modern White kitchen furniture 3

Modern White kitchen furniture 4

The walls can adopt the color that we like. We recommend, however, to choose the white and highlight a single wall with a strong color. In this way the balance of the kitchen and the walls will be greater, focusing the attention only on that wall.

Modern White kitchen furniture 5

Countertops can also be very diverse when we have white furniture. Thus, we can choose from a classic granite; Colored stones such as black or pink, or even a wooden countertop, an option that we love for the warmth it brings to the kitchen.

Modern White kitchen furniture 6

Models are there to bore. From modern kitchens without handle, to Provencal kitchens with built-in handle. Depending on this detail we can choose better aspects such as the bench or even as the vitro or the bell, although mixing appliances of modern lines with more Provencal kitchens is not a problem either.

Modern White kitchen furniture 7

Modern White kitchen furniture 8

As for the decoration, bearing in mind that the white accepts any type of color, we will have it really simple. For example, we can opt for colorful textiles, such as iridescent carpets or cheerful curtains. In addition, if we have shelves in sight, as a sideboard, or even open shelves, we can put colorful tableware to add another touch of color. Lastly, let us not forget the decorative power of the fruit. Placing a simple fruit bowl filled with oranges and apples will get our white kitchen to shine with its own light.

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