Lamps With Glass Bottles

On some occasion we have taught you some idea of ​​how to make lamps with recycled bottles. Today we want to give a review and show you a few options when working on this decorative solution that we love; And is that there are a thousand different ways to take advantage of glass bottles to get wonderful lamps. We can, for example, accumulate a few bottles of wine for later use as a ceiling lamp. We have several options, either we use the whole bottles or we cut half the bottle so that the light bulb can be seen.

Lamps With Glass Bottles 1

Both options we like, but perhaps more game leaving the bottle completely intact. In this way, the lights that we put inside will look like small fireflies that light our home.

Lamps With Glass Bottles 2

Lamps With Glass Bottles 3

Desk lamps can be another very wise choice. However, before going to the typical lamps with screen, we want to show you the next option, which has chosen to put the bottles in a rustic wooden box and place the lights inside. We thus obtain a luminous decorative object that will fit perfectly in any rustic or even vintage atmosphere. When creating lamps for our tables we can choose bottles of liquor. It is an idea that lately is very much seen; And is that we can not deny that these types of lamps are very graceful as well as decorative.

Lamps With Glass Bottles 4

Lamps With Glass Bottles 5

We can get much larger containers. Bottles with more capacity that will look great like lamp posts. In addition, being larger the interior looks better, so we can take advantage to fill it with rocks, dried flowers or anything we can think of. This lamps with glass bottles is very great to give unique imppresion at our living room or even our bedroom.

Lamps With Glass Bottles 6

Lamps With Glass Bottles 7

Lamps With Glass Bottles 8

Finally, we have loved this lamp option in which the bottle has been painted from inside. The result is perfect, the original shape of its components being almost imperceptible, for no one would say that the foot of this lamp is actually a painted bottle. So thats the idea about Lamps With Glass Bottles, hope you will like it.