Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom

The Zen style is not new. The truth is that we have seen it for years in numerous decorating magazines, both indoors and outdoors. A style characterized by simplicity, minimalism, order and light and creates beautiful and harmonious spaces. We'll focus on the bathroom today. Yes, we will give you the main keys to decorate a Zen-style bathroom.

Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom 1

We must take into account several important aspects, such as the coatings or the use of natural materials, to details that can make a difference, such as indirect lighting. It all contributes its small grain of sand in this type of environment.

A range of colors well cared for

Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom 2

Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom 3

Zen baths are quiet and serene rooms. Clean and cozy. All of this makes the white tones the most used. In addition, it is also possible to introduce a pastel range of grey or maybe ochre. What is clear is that, if we want a Zen bath, we must leave the strong and vibrant colors away, both in coatings and in textiles and furniture. These contrasts are usually made better between white and materials, such as wood or slate, for example.

Most Zen Coatings

Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom 4

Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom 5

The walls of this type of bathroom must have very clear tiles. If you do not like surfaces with a lot of gloss bet on Matt White, there is no problem in it, as there is also to try different textures in your tiles. If you do not want to use white or light shades for the walls, you might think of a dark color coating, but always that it is natural tones.

Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom 6

In the subject of the coatings, one must inevitably speak of the attachment that has the Zen style to the natural materials. The combination of these materials in the environment is always welcome. Use wood to cover part of your floor, or create a small stone garden in one of the corners of your bathroom. Moreover, the glass walls also help to give elegance, calm and amplitude to this type of baths.

The importance of lighting

Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom 7

The lighting, although it seems to be the opposite, is a key aspect in these bathrooms. It must be very subtle, indirect and, if possible, the more natural the better. The ambience of these baths should be rather dim and soft, and if we do not have enough natural light, we should bet on low-intensity lights or those that detach a much warmer light.

Green that I love you green

Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom 8

The vegetation will also be welcome. It is true that there are ornamental plants that already have a Zen look, such as orchids. However, we can include all kinds of plants in the bathroom. Yes, they must be plants that can survive in places with humidity.

Order, first of all

Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom 9

If we want a Zen environment, the order will be very important. The balance is based on this order. Try to make sure your bathroom is always picked up. Bet on suspended furniture and straight lines, away from excessive decoration. Besides, try to keep things out of sight. Better to place a piece of furniture so you can keep all your toiletries, instead of having them on a shelf.

Keys For Decorating a Zen Style Bathroom 10

How about this style to decorate the bathroom? We hope that these tips will be useful in the case that you decide to give a Zen touch to your bathroom.