Ideas To Decorate In White And Wood

White and wood create a decorative alliance that will never go out of style. It is true that today there are many colors and materials that we see indoors. But if we want to bet on the safe, and if we look for warm and enlightened environments, do not ignore any of these two ingredients.

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In this article we will show you how to apply the color white and wood in the interior decoration, stay pro stay, from the hall to the bathroom.

A good entrance

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The hall is a very important stay, and the truth is that on many occasions we do not pay the attention it deserves. White and wood can help you a lot at the entrance to the house. If your entrance is very small and narrow, do not hesitate to paint the walls and ceiling white, reserving the wood (in a light tone) for the floor. You can also apply wood to the floor and walls, placing a nice furniture cabinet in white. In this case, unless your lobby is large, choose wood shades as clear as possible.

A cozy lounge

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In the living room there are many ways of integrating white with wood. If your problem is light, bet on ceilings and walls in white. No matter if you have wooden beams, paint them also with this color, you will make the height of your ceilings look bigger. Reserve the wood again for the floor, although if the space is large, you can include some extra element, such as chairs, tables or stools. To give depth, instead of painting a wall of color, you can line it with wood, and match the laminate flooring you put.

A fashionable kitchen

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The truth is that the wooden kitchens are back in fashion. We love; And is that it reminds us, in part, to the old kitchens of our parents' house, yes, with a more renovated design. Instead of placing colored stones or granite, bet on the white, will subtract weight to the furniture. Another option is to continue with the trend of white kitchens, but to give it warmth, replace the countertop stone and put a wooden. They are quite sturdy, so they fear outside.

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The wood in the bedroom is always welcome; And thanks to this material the environments are warmer. What better than to get warm in a place destined to rest? You can use wood on ceilings, doors, windows and floors and counter all this weight with a white bedding or bet on a completely white room giving brushstrokes with small pictures or framed sheets with wood.

A bathroom with character

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Finally, the bathroom can also be carried away by these trends that we like. We love the idea of ​​using wood in bathrooms, in this case in furniture, and reserve us blank for walls and ceiling. However, we like the option of including other completely opposite colors, such as black or gray. Be that as it may, with wood we will make this stay gaining prominence in the home.

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What do you think of the proposals? We hope you will be useful in case you are building or renovating. Dont forget to make as your main website to decorate your home, the best home decoration.