Ideas for a Soft Bedroom

Soft decor is increasingly installed in our homes. This style responds to the use of soft colors for environments. These colors are present in very defined styles like the shabby chic or the romantic, two good options if we are looking for a soft bedroom. However, we are going to focus on the theme of tonalities.

Ideas for a Soft Bedroom 1

From raw shades to pink and blue, for example. Even the Grays, with little load, can become a good complement for your soft bedroom.

White and raw with natural materials
Ideas for a Soft Bedroom 2

Ideas for a Soft Bedroom 3

Whites and crudes can be a good choice. Especially in the less enlightened dorms. Remember that these colors are able to capture the light of the outside, no matter how little. So, your bedroom will look a lot broader. Keep in mind that if we use raw and cream for our textiles and walls, the bedroom can be a little off. In this case, it is a good idea to contrast with natural materials such as wood or wicker.

Soft Pink for your textiles

Ideas for a Soft Bedroom 4

Ideas for a Soft Bedroom 5

Ideas for a Soft Bedroom 6

Last year Pantone surprised us with a soft pink of the most interesting. This color can be a good choice for the most romantic dorms. In the bed, leaving aside the color of the wall, you will be able to give more presence. In addition, you can also use it in other accessories, such as cushions or even curtains. As you can see from the following images, the result is very interesting.

Soft blue for mixed dorms

Soft Pink for your textiles 7

Soft Pink for your textiles 8

Soft Pink for your textiles 9

Maybe pink is a color that is automatically associated with feminine environments. Last year Pantone proposed next to this a blue also very soft. It could be an excellent choice for mixed dorms. As in the previous case, using it in textiles as the bedspread of the bed will give more authority to this furniture, focusing all eyes on it. If we opt for the walls, we must bear in mind that it is a more potent color than the pink, so it tries to counteract it with softer textiles.

Without fear of other shades

Soft Pink for your textiles 10

Soft Pink for your textiles 11

Although we have put the soft colors in pink and blue, it is also possible to find this type of shades in greens, yellows or even oranges. They are timeless shades that can be adapted to any style. If you are afraid to paint the walls turn to the textile, as it is one of the most economical ways to renovate the decoration of a bedroom. Also, it's easy to replace.

Grey can also be soft

Can grey also be soft? Yes, the truth is, yes. There are many shades of gray, if you choose the clearest, those that are mixed with more white or other shades like blue, you will result in a nice soft gray ideal for the head of your bed, for example. Best of all is that this grey can be accompanied by other colors as we have commented before, giving a lovely contrast to your bedroom. Remember, in variety is taste, and perhaps also in the mix.

Soft Pink for your textiles 12

Soft Pink for your textiles 13

Soft Pink for your textiles 14

What did you think of this decorative style? Did you have it in mind? We hope this article has been helpful if you are about to redecorate your bedroom.

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