Ideas for small gardens

Not all of us are lucky enough to have large, beautiful gardens. However, if we have a small patio or a terrace, we have enough space to build our little garden. A place that nothing will have to envy the great gardens.

Ideas for small gardens 1

These gardens can be built in country houses or single-family homes, on the road from the street door to the door of the home. A path full of green in which we will be able to place infinity of pots of a thousand colors or an endless of plants of great green content. If our space is even smaller, we can opt for a vertical garden with elements as delicious as stairs, large or small. Thanks to them we can place a large number of pots in a small space, creating our particular urban garden.

Ideas for small gardens 2

Ideas for small gardens 3

Originality can add a lot to our little garden. Look what a solution they have given to the bottom of this tree. They have managed to create a star full of flowers taking advantage of a space that would be occupied by the shadow of the tree. In addition, they have added various decorative elements such as an old bicycle.

Ideas for small gardens 4

Water fountains and stone paths are still part of our favorite solutions. With these resources we will be able to give freshness to our patio. So they are an option of the most recommendable.

Ideas for small gardens 5

There are a number of options for creating our own vertical garden. The stairs mentioned above are not the only ones. Thus, we can look for decorative objects already created that anchors the pots to our wall. Look at this excellent example in which in addition to using a large number of plants we form the image of an authentic tree.

Ideas for small gardens 6

Ideas for small gardens 7

Finally, this great pyramid made of wood and pots. It is ideal to create our little orchard. For all those who want to eat healthy and natural with their products from the garden.