Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Although we have a small bedroom, we can find great ideas to decorate it. These rooms usually give off a special charm. Now, it is our job to get all the soul they can show.

Ideas for Small Bedrooms 1

Although our bedroom is small we should not dispense with the strong colors. We love this first option in which the walls have been left in a rather clear, heavenly tone, and has sought the contrast with a fabric headboard stamped with vivid colors like yellow mustard. No doubt this is a great combination, that does not need spacious stays to look good. The chandelier's touch is simply enchanting. Likewise, the use of curtains and other textiles in light tones, will bring much more light.

Ideas for Small Bedrooms 2

Ideas for Small Bedrooms 3

The attic rooms are a real treat. However, they are not always wide. Ideally, try to take advantage of this sloping roof to create large windows that allow light to pass through. In this way our stay will seem bigger. In addition, since they are usually rooms with very rare spaces (columns, low ceilings, etc.), we should look for the best of places for the bed, fitting it in its space. White walls is an excellent idea, in addition, we can always contrast with wallpaper on the wall as the headboard.

Ideas for Small Bedrooms 4

If we do not want a common headboard, or an entire wall, we can use a resource that is striking quite hard. It is about creating a headboard to the ceiling. Take the width of the bed, you get a surface of wood and is covered with cloth and some padding to make it more fluffy. That wood could reach the ceiling or not, thus obtaining a line that will divide our wall in two.

Ideas for Small Bedrooms 5

In small rooms, windows are always an excellent resource. Also, let's not forget that lack of space will be a reality. So, let's try to have clean environments and place some bucket or basket to store things.

Ideas for Small Bedrooms 6

We also have the option to build a double height room, to ease the load on one of the floors. This is only possible in houses where the roofs are quite high.

Ideas for Small Bedrooms 7

Also, let's not forget the custom-made furniture, which can be our best allies, as well as the beds with storage space underneath, ideal for storing blankets and other objects.

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