Ideas for Painting Bedrooms

Have you thought about changing the decor of your bedroom? Maybe an easy way to do that is to paint the walls. A renovation that won't come at all bad and that will give new airs to this stay of the house. But would you know what color to choose?

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Today we will show you several possibilities. Different palettes of colors that can make your bedroom a special and unique place. Choose the one that fits your personality and have fun painting your room and giving it a renewed air.
Pastel colors are trend

We can't deny it, they're completely trendy. We see them in textiles, in furniture painted with chalk paint paint and in a whole arsenal of decorative accessories. Yes, also for the walls. Being very subtle and soft colors there would be no problem in painting all the walls with a pink, blue or green pastel. However, if you want to increase the light of this stay, we recommend that you book a single wall or a couple at most. If you still decide to include these colors on all walls, bet on plain bedding and don't forget to add natural fibers, like a wicker lamp or a esparto carpet, it will give you warmth.

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Risking with yellow

If the furniture in your room is white you can try to give it a different touch with an unusual color in dorms, for example, with the yellow. Yes, it is true that the strongest yellows, like mustard, should be used with caution. You could use it in the area of the head of the bed. However, if you choose lighter yellows you will have no problem. In addition, it will be the perfect complement to the white in that of increasing the luminosity of your bedroom.

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A Mediterranean bedroom

One of the most used colors in dorms is blue. It is not surprising, because it is a color that gives absolute peace and helps to relax, something that considering that it is the stay in which we sleep is not bad. The best of all is that the blue hues will allow you to decorate this room of the house with a Mediterranean touch. You know, lots of wood, white to contrast and natural fibers. A place of those where you want to relax just enter.

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Vivid Color

Aren't you afraid of anything? Bet on a bedroom as colorful as possible. An eclectic corner full of prints and shapes. Watch it, don't go through this on the walls. You can choose a single color base and go giving touches with others in different accessories, such as picture frames or the head of the bed. Prints can be reserved for the textile part.

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Grey, the new white

Black subtracts light, white gives it and gray ... Gray is considered by many as "the new white". It is true, it may not be able to give so much enlightenment to the rooms, but well combined does not have also why to subtract them. Dare with the Grey! Book a wall and apply this color. The best thing is that combining the gray is the easiest, because any color will be great.

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What did you get from the proposals? What is your favorite color palette for the bedroom? We hope that these ideas have inspired you

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