Ideas For Decorating With Carpets

Textiles such as carpets can help you give a different color or texture to your home. Usually we think of places like the living room or the bedroom to place them, but the truth is that these elements can be included in many other corners of the house.

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Learn how to place carpets in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen and make the most of the textile world. Here are some suggestions:

Traditional carpets in bedrooms and living rooms

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As we said, carpets in living rooms and bedrooms are a classic. Two stays in which we spend a lot of time, and all this associated with rest and relaxation. So when you get out of bed, the first thing you want to find is a soft rug under your feet. Just like when one is lying on the couch and puts his feet on the floor, or simply wants to go from the couch to the shelf to take a book.

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In these rooms, the carpets of warm fabrics and strong colors are great. Wool carpets, long hair or even hair rugs, all of them capable of bringing that warm point that we long for.

A carpet in the hall

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There is no more important stay for your visits than the lobby. We do not tire of saying that it is the letter of presentation of your home and, therefore, the decoration and the environment must be taken care of to the maximum. By placing a rug, you not only bring color and a different touch to your floor. You are talking to your guests, you are telling them that your home is a warm and close home, in which they could even take off if it were the case.

Carpets in your hallway

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The appeal of the carpets in hallways can come in handy if you have one at home and you notice it too long and cold. The carpets not only give warmth, they are also able to visually shorten that endless route. Do not forget to place it under a non-slip fabric so it does not move. The crooked carpets in the corridors are very easy to see and do not look good at all.

Carpets also in the bathroom

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As in the previous case, it does not seem very good to place a carpet in the bathroom, because as in the kitchen, they will become quite dirty. However, they are a good resource to avoid slipping. In addition, you can always opt for natural fabric carpets, a little harder and more rustic, which are much more suffering and can then be cleaned easily with any product.

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