Ideas for children's study areas

Children's studies should be places filled with light. Corners that have the characteristics necessary for our children to study and do their school tasks. For this reason, children's studies should not be overlooked, because far from what may seem, they are the most important spaces within our home.

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We can opt for colorful studies, so that our children see their creativity encouraged. Orange walls and fun bookshelves that can soften the study days of our children. The smaller ones also have the right to have a special corner in which to be able to do their tasks. Thus, we can opt for a low table with stools, even, if we dare, we can place a slate wall so that they can extend their pictorial tasks to it.

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When there is more than one child, it is necessary to create study environments for both. The ideal is to put them together in the same space using different tables. Let everyone have their filing cabinet, chair or stool and their desk. We can choose to stand side by side or one with our backs to the other. It will depend on the attitude of each child. If they are easy to distract you better have a little privacy.

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This is not the first time we've talked about the potential of the old built-in cabinets. We can use these spaces to create authentic offices, also for our children. A place full of corners where you can place books, boxes and notebooks. And is that order in children's studies has to be maximum. In this way, children already learn that being ordained will be a prerequisite for success in future work.

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Finally, we love the option of those furniture that allow the bed just above the study area. Definitely a way to save space and create an independent studio in smaller rooms.

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