May 12, 2017

Hall decoration with wicker baskets

The hall is a really important part of our home that will give clues to our visits of what can be found inside our house. And is that the hall should be cozy, if possible luminous, and serene. If it were an independent stay, ie not shared with the living room or dining room, for example, we could play a little with the decoration, impregnating it with details that may differ from the rest of the decoration of the house. However, if the hall is attached to the room, we may have to keep some decorative aesthetics, and make Hall decoration with wicker baskets.

Hall decoration with wicker baskets 1

Leaving aside the decorative style, today we want to talk about an element that is very practical in a lobby, and we mean the wicker baskets. And is that in this stay of the home many times we will leave bags, shoes and other complements. So why not have them all ordered in these precious containers? In addition, we can not deny that the wicker brings warmth to the environments, creating a rustic touch wherever it is used.

Hall decoration with wicker baskets 2

Hall decoration with wicker baskets 3

Storage with wicker baskets

We can choose to place these wicker baskets in several places. If we have work benches, we can place them under these. Thus, the baskets will function as independent drawers that we can get out at our whim.

Hall decoration with wicker baskets 4

Hall decoration with wicker baskets 5

Another option is to get an open cupboard type furniture. The visual result is very different. Well under the benches, the baskets look like an extension. In this other type of furniture it seems rather a complement. However, it remains just as well.

Hall decoration with wicker baskets 6

Some people in the lobby prefer to hang shelves with shelves, because these are very comfortable when hanging things and placing objects. In these shelves we can also include our wicker baskets, which will look just as well as in the other options.

Hall decoration with wicker baskets 7

Finally, we have also found the next option in which the top cabinet is divided with different holes. We have tried to take advantage of each of these spaces by placing a basket of wicker to measure. The result can not be more charming.

Hall decoration with wicker baskets 8

Hall decoration with wicker baskets 9

The truth is that it is a solution that we love. Also, if we mix this material with wooden furniture, the result can be really nice. Do not forget that the glass or the forge are also good companions of these Hall decoration with wicker baskets for the lobby.
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