Garlands of Lights To Decorate

The garlands of lights became fashionable a few years ago. They began to see themselves in terraces, something that is not surprising, as they are a great resource to generate atmosphere at night. However, the world of decoration is thus innovative and unpredictable. Thus, these garlands of light have become part of the interior of the house, And they can be placed in many different corners, and you have to say that they are really good. Then we will give you some ideas to fill your house with garlands, from the hallway to the terrace. You will discover a fun way to provide artificial light at night.

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Welcome your guests with garlands

It doesn't seem a bad idea to place a garland of lights on the receiver. As we always say, it's our letter of introduction. These garlands will bring a little more warmth, especially if it is an area of the house without windows or a little dark. You can place it on a dark wall, to give it a touch of light, although surrounding mirrors or even hand stairs (also very fashionable in decoration) can be fantastic. Special mention for the riskier ones, they can create a nice stage with hanging lights everywhere.

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Garlands of Lights To Decorate 3

Beautiful garlands in the bedroom

We love the light garlands in the bedroom. You have a lot of options. They are very fashionable those that are hooked or surround the head of the bed, so give it a different touch. However, for this resource there are no barriers, the same can be hooked to any wall to give prominence to a series of pictures, as well as create a sky of stars above your bed.

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Garlands of Lights To Decorate 5

Also for the smallest of the house

In the children's bedrooms, the subtle white garlands are transformed into fun colored garlands. They are a most interesting resource for children's Nordic-style rooms, where white and neutral colors are always present. Add color with one of these garlands, either on the nightstand or in a corner of the bedroom.

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Garlands of Lights To Decorate 7

Light garlands for living room

The lounge is a stay where artificial lighting should be very cared for, especially if we spend a lot of time here. The options are also many, being able to choose between the most subtle garlands, those that are composed of small lights, and include them in a painting or a wall or decanted by the colored garlands to complement the decoration of the salon or add an irreverent touch to any of its corners. How about a curtain of lights in the middle of the room? Yes, it's possible, too.

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Garlands of Lights To Decorate 9

Light garlands for terraces

Although they are the most obvious, we can not forget the garlands of light for terraces. Also, it is necessary to add that it is possible to find in the market solar models, of those that during the day accumulate energy of the sun to be able to illuminate the nights making them much more pleasant and endearing.

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Garlands of Lights To Decorate 11

Garlands of Lights To Decorate 12

Garlands of Lights To Decorate 13

Garlands of Lights To Decorate 14

Garlands of Lights To Decorate 15

What did you get from the proposals? If you like the lights you should not wait for Christmas or New Year's Eve to be able to use them in decoration, that that is clear.

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