May 12, 2017

Double Rooms With Sloping Ceilings

The attics are really interesting places in a home. They are usually warm, cozy, ideal to accommodate bedrooms. And we can not deny that the garrets give off some romantic air difficult to find in another room of our house. On other occasions we have talked about how to take advantage of dormer rooms for bedrooms as a children's bedroom. However, today we focus on the main bedrooms, the master bedroom with Double Rooms With Sloping Ceilings.
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An attic offers some independence from the rest of the house. Therefore, this stay can give that intimacy that a marriage seeks, more if it has children. These corners are usually connected to the rest of the house by a staircase, creating definitely a completely independent space.

Double Rooms With Sloping Ceilings 2

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They are usually spaces lit by natural light, so a priori we can opt for any type of decoration that we fancy without caring for the strong tones. However, the truth is that these attic rooms seem to demand a rustic decoration, even more if we have beams or wood cladding, which will also greatly increase the feeling of warmth of the place.

Double Rooms With Sloping Ceilings 4

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The areas where the inclination of the ceiling is greater should be reserved to the head of the bed or the bedside tables; And is that although they are not always small, the attics have many unevenness in its height. Something that will limit us a bit the theme of space and its use.

Double Rooms With Sloping Ceilings 6

These irregularities in height, sometimes forced to create custom furniture. Furniture that take this inclination like yours taking 100% of the space.

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While it is true that the rustic decoration is perhaps one of the best bets when decorating a dormitory bedroom with sloping ceilings, it is also possible to use much more modern and colorful decorations. The light will be a crucial support for this type of decisions, being able to also opt for the windows in the ceiling or skylights. That is the Double Rooms With Sloping Ceilings article, what do you think about the decoration?
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