DIY Customize Your Old Kitchen Utensils

DIY Customize Your Old Kitchen Utensils!

Today we bring you a simple and fun DIY. A very enjoyable way of personalizing your kitchen utensils, do you fancy? All you need is a little paint, duct tape and obviously cooking utensils. Better if they are the typical wooden shovels, because the wood is a material that absorbs well the painting.

DIY Customize Your Old Kitchen Utensils 1

This craftsmanship is really simple and the result will make your kitchen look much more decorated. The first thing to do is choose the colors of the painting. As we can see in these photos, it has tried to look for colors of the same range to be able to make a nice gradient in the composition. We can choose the tone of our kitchen, whether red, green or yellow, and do the same, or opt for a much more colorful composition in which each palette has a different tone. A real rainbow in our kitchen.

DIY Customize Your Old Kitchen Utensils 2

Once we have the chosen colors, we must put some duct tape in the wood palette. Try to be more or less in the middle of it to get the result of the photos. But as always, this goes to the taste of the consumer, we can also choose to paint less space.

The duct tape will help us to have more margin when painting the end chosen with our paints of colors. With the help of a brush we must cover the part that we have chosen with firm strokes (always in the same direction). Let the painting cover the surface completely, leaving no part of the wood visible.

DIY Customize Your Old Kitchen Utensils 3

Once we finish with our brush and paint, we must wait for it to dry. When removing the insulation tape, we will see how the separation line between the painted area and the unpainted area is completely perfect.

DIY Customize Your Old Kitchen Utensils 4

Our craft is already finished. Now we can take all our pallets and place them in a nice glass container. Your Old Kitchen Utensils has been best customized. Its cheap and attractive decoration for your kitchen right?