DIY Children's Market to Play

Making children happy costs very little and if we want to have a result we focus our efforts on the fun part of the day, in the game. What do you think makes a real market so they can play the stores? Where? Because in the games room. The truth is that doing our manual market will cost us very little money and little time. We only need a small furniture with several compartments, a blackboard to write down the offers of the day, all the equipment and objects of a market (pieces of plastic fruit, cart, cash register), a piece of cloth, two sticks and A wooden board.

DIY Children's Market to Play 1

The cloth, the sticks and the iron or plank, will serve us to make an improvised awning. We can leave the stand without this awning, but the truth is that doing so will not cost much and the visual effect will be much more attractive for children. We also love the detail of the flags in which the market is read clearly, in case there is any doubt.

DIY Children's Market to Play 2

As for the furniture, this type of modern furniture is possible to find it in any store for a very affordable price. We will only have to fill it with those objects that usually have the sets of children's market that are sold in the toy stores.

DIY Children's Market to Play 3

We love certain details such as the blackboards, both the one hanging on the wall and the one above the table. It gives a much more authentic touch. In addition, the little ones will have fun drawing on them, although if they are very small they will surely ask you to write them yourself the offers of the day.

DIY Children's Market to Play 4

No doubt this is a very special corner. And is that more than one will have played small stores, but surely we did not have a space made to measure for us like this that we just saw.

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