Dining Rooms With Mixed Chairs

Long ago it was unthinkable to mix different chairs on a table. How could that be? It broke all the aesthetics of the room! Fortunately, over time we have become much more tolerant and open about trends, and seeing the result of these environments with different chairs, we are sure to be happy about it.

Dining Rooms With Mixed Chairs 1

Using different chairs at the same table is a risky bet. Yes. However, if we find the ideal design, which fits the decorative style of our stay, we can achieve a dynamic set that adds a decorative plus more than evident, as we can see in the photos.

Dining Rooms With Mixed Chairs 2

There are many options. We can, for example, take different models of chairs, regardless of color, shape or size. It is perhaps the most transgressive option, but in certain spaces, especially in the larger spaces, can be a very good bet.

Dining Rooms With Mixed Chairs 3

Dining Rooms With Mixed Chairs 4

We can also opt for the same model of chair in different colors. Here we are opting for greater agreement, but playing with the chromatic difference. The ideal would be to leave the walls in a neutral color, so that the protagonists were the chairs.

Dining Rooms With Mixed Chairs 5

We can also try to look for different models but with the same color. This allows us to play a little more with the colors of the rest of the room, especially if we choose white or black chairs, for example.

Dining Rooms With Mixed Chairs 6

Dining Rooms With Mixed Chairs 7

An option that we also like a lot is to take two colors. One of them the white, the other much more cheerful and flashy. In this way we are betting on a color note but without the need to draw too much attention.

Dining Rooms With Mixed Chairs 8

As you can see, any of the options is more than suitable for stylish flats and houses, whether they are rustic, Nordic or Provencal, among others. In addition, it should be added that although we find endless models of chairs in the market, we can always buy different pieces in thrift stores and restore them ourselves.

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