Decorative Clear Glass Plant Pots

We love decorating with pots; And is that we can not deny that any environment, however sober, becomes completely different with a vegetable touch. The light, vitality and joy that present these types of decorative elements, make the plants one of the most widespread when it comes to decorating our house.

Decorative Clear Glass Plant Pots 1

There is a wide range of plants, but today we will look at another element of great importance, the planter; And is that this vessel can say a lot in the company of a beautiful and colorful plant. In particular we are going to fix in the pots or pots of transparent glass. This material allows to give a lot of game to our decoration with plants.

Decorative Clear Glass Plant Pots 2

Glass pots are ideal for plants such as orchids; And is that we can observe part of the root of this delicate and simple plant. In addition, we can also place other type of plants as the dwarf ferns, being able to leave in sight its substrate.

Decorative Clear Glass Plant Pots 3

The small plants with glass planters are ideal to be placed on shelves, low tables or shelves. They are decorative elements of great originality that will make our stay a different place.

Decorative Clear Glass Plant Pots 4

But in addition, these glass pots may be ideal for housing other materials. We can, for example, bury a small pot inside a larger pot full of white stones. The result, as we can see in the photos, is really spectacular. In addition, in this case, when using white stones, we are emphasizing with greater intensity the green of the plant.

Decorative Clear Glass Plant Pots 5

Even so, it is also possible to use this last decorative tip with stones of other colors, for example based on the predominant colors of the decoration of our home.

Decorative Clear Glass Plant Pots 6

So what if we mix both options? Well the truth is that we will have a plant of the most pleasant. We can leave the earth at the end and cover it with a small stone mantle. The result is 100% recommended.