Decoration of Small Rooms Layout

Many homes have small rooms that can be difficult to decorate with the naked eye. These spaces are ideal for creating comfortable corners. A perfect place to rest, read or watch TV. However, like many other times, we encounter the problem of space.

Decoration of Small Rooms Layout 1

Faced with this problem, effective solutions must be put in place. To begin with, we should try not to overload this room with decorative elements. Less is more. Let's try to think that's what we need. A sofa, a low table, a shelf and some lighting element such as a lamp.

Decoration of Small Rooms Layout 2

The colors used will depend on the natural lighting of the room. If we find a small room but with a large light source, we can use stronger colors, without fear that these dwarf the stay. Even so, it is always good to combine them. For example, paint a blue wall while leaving the rest of the walls white.

Decoration of Small Rooms Layout 3

They work very well in blue, orange, gray and brown colors. Even so, if we want, we can bring more colorful through other types of elements such as textiles or even small decorative objects such as boxes, flowers or paintings.

Decoration of Small Rooms Layout 4

To give more warmth to the rooms we can choose to cover the floor with wood. We will not deny that the effect is much more welcoming. In addition, our carpets will look much more beautiful when covering this type of floor.

Decoration of Small Rooms Layout 5

As for the decoration of the walls, even if we are lovers of art, it is better to opt for few pictures or pictures. Maybe a central one is great, but if we exceed, we will surely get the feeling of amplitude diminished.

Decoration of Small Rooms Layout 6

Decoration of Small Rooms Layout 7

Finally, do not forget to introduce an extra seat in the form of an armchair, occupy little space and will make this room is the ideal place to receive all our visits.

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