Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are key pieces in the decoration of the house, as they offer a sense of continuity, breadth and depth. They also give greater luminosity to the environment in which they are placed. Like mirrors, there are other decorative objects present in any home, such as flowers, paintings, candles, lamps, carpets. Decorating with mirrors is an easy and very original idea, you just have to find the most appropriate place considering the stay in question. Before placing them in a certain environment, you must try different sites and choose the best one.

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As mirrors have the ability to expand spaces, placing them in small rooms can visually double their size. You can put them on the walls, but it is always preferable to place those that do not have a frame, or if they have it is not very noticeable. Another thing to keep in mind when placing a mirror is not to do it in front of a wall that is not decorated with something because that way will give you a feeling of emptiness and coldness. If you place them in front of the entrance door of a room or another room of the house that has little depth, you will be able to give that feeling of more space than we said before, since when opening the door of the room will be reflected in this one.

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As the mirrors give luminosity to the environments, if they are placed in some room or corridor where the light reflects directly on them, you will obtain a multiplication in the illumination of that environment. On the other hand, if they are placed in front of a window, the exterior landscape will be transferred to the interior of the place, achieving natural and pleasant light and a feeling that will relax. Another option to decorate with mirrors, is to place them inside showcases or shelves, will make the objects acquire greater relief and the elements of the interior are appreciated in three dimensions. When we talk about mirrors, we do not always have to think of hanging mirrors as there are also standing mirrors. Also, they do not have to be all rectangular, square or oval. We can ask them to cut them in different shapes and sizes as well as play with type of frame that will be placed. Depending on the room in which they will be placed and the style of decoration, it will be the model chosen as the frame that will be placed.

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Another important aspect to take into account is the hue of the mirrors. There are three different colors: clear, bronze and gray. The beveled edge gives elegance and formality, while the polished edge is more modern.

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