Deco Trends For Autumn - Winter

Trends in interior decoration in autumn / winter 2016 arrive with force. If you are one of those who tries to adapt your house to these trends, we bring you the keys to do so.

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From the colors, to the materials, or even the favorite decorative styles. Find out what you are going to wear in the decoration magazines over the next few months.
Saturated and vibrant colors

Deco Trends For Autumn - Winter 2

Deco Trends For Autumn - Winter 3

We have the idea that autumnal and winter colors are boring. Nothing to do with what we will see this year. There is a clear tendency to earth tones. Yes, such as gold, bronze or quartz. However, you begin to see a predilection for showy mixes. Mixing walls with a terracotta range with eye-catching textiles can be a good start. Bet on the blues and greens, for they have come to stay. In addition, it rescues a color that was long ago trend and we can be more elegant and cozy, the tone came.

Wood and DIY world

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Deco Trends For Autumn - Winter 5

The warmth of the wood seems to convince during this season. You will see a lot of wood, but this time in its natural tone, and in some cases even untreated. Restored and pickled furniture that does not forget its oldest part. In addition, this type of furniture cry out for crafts, ideal for DIY lovers. Elements made with our own hands that will give a new meaning to that old dresser in your dining room.

Green I want you green

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Deco Trends For Autumn - Winter 7

Everything points to a return to the simple and natural, and if that is so, what could be more natural than a good herbal decoration. Keep an eye on the cacti, they are getting into the world of interior decoration, do not lose sight of them and dare with species larger than normal, in the purest Santa Fe style. If you are more of the exotic plants, you are Of luck, another great tendency of the moment is to recreate exotic environments in the interior of the houses, but, keep in mind that these plants are more complicated when it comes to their maintenance and care.

Metals destroy

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Deco Trends For Autumn - Winter 9

They have been a trend since 2015, but they do not seem to want to leave. The metallic colors, as well as the finishes in materials like copper or bronze, return strongly to elements like lamps or vases, and even in small auxiliary furniture. In addition, textiles are also passed into this fashion incorporating metallic finishes such as copper, lead or even rose gold.

Live geometric designs

Deco Trends For Autumn - Winter 10

Deco Trends For Autumn - Winter 11

Geometry has always been an interesting topic to include in the decoration. During this season he wants to destroy, both in textiles and prints and on the walls, through wallpapers and photomurals. A carpet with diamonds? A cushion full of squares? Mix the geometry with color and you'll get a unique trend for this fall-winter.

Vintage details for autumn - winter

Deco Trends For Autumn - Winter 12

If there is a trend that can fit with all that is currently wearing is, without a doubt, the vintage style. The decorators are still betting on him, although this time they do it in a slightly more sibylline way, through small elements such as antique phones, copper candlesticks, dinnerware and so on.

Deco Trends For Autumn - Winter 13

In addition, they also include textures and materials more appropriate to these styles, such as velvet, which will be one of the great bets of the season for upholstery in 

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