Colors and Feng Shui

As Feng Shui lovers, in addition to knowing how to place the furniture of our house, we must also be attentive to aspects such as colors; And that color is a very important part of our perception. Our life is full of color, clothes, makeup, fruits, vegetables, etc. It is an energy that we must control, because each of the colors we see also influences our mood.

Colors and Feng Shui 1

For example, for Feng Shui, red can be used to attract or direct chi wherever you want, such as a dark corner. It is a color that should be used in moderation, especially shades such as dark red. However, people with depression can benefit from this color, so it is a good idea to incorporate small elements in our decoration with it. The earth colors are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, as they are inducers of passivity and rest. If we also have people with some physical instability is also advisable, as with very excitable people, because it is a color that conveys firm support and stillness.

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Colors and Feng Shui 3

Colors and Feng Shui 4

The yellow, in all its range, will bring us joy. It is a really advisable color in the kitchen, because it is a place where we usually eat with the family. It is also an excellent choice for children's rooms.

Colors and Feng Shui 5

Colors and Feng Shui 6

The blue tones will bring peace and freshness. They are ideal for creating harmonious and balanced stays. Likewise, black is ideal to bring a bit of sensuality to the environment.

Colors and Feng Shui 7

Both colors can be used to decorate bedrooms and bathrooms. We will thus achieve a relaxed space, full of harmony but also with certain touches of sensuality.

Colors and Feng Shui 8

Offices and studios claim metal colors. Thus, we can choose tones such as gray, or any other metalized tone as well as white. All of them will bring purity to the spaces and create a more serious atmosphere to favor our concentration. Finally, we look at shades like green, or even browns. This combination can help us promote safety within the home. They can be used in most spaces, taking into account that green will give us vitality and hope and brown stability.