Colored Interior Doors

Today we will share some proposals not suitable for people with conventional tastes. This is the color of interior doors. We have seen, some time ago, ideas for main doors of colors, but this time we will focus on the interior ones. Although we usually tend to see them in wood or in white, the truth is that there is an infinite range of colors to enter your home.

Colored Interior Doors 1

Above all, if you have white walls, colored doors can be an important decorative plus. Do not be afraid to experiment, from strong colors to the most velvety pastel tones.

Seasonal color: Live the green

Colored Interior Doors 2

Colored Interior Doors 3

A good way to start this article is with the seasonal color. Pantone wants us to look greener than ever. Why not spread this trend our doors? The green doors will give a fresh touch to your home, almost exotic. An accessory that can come in handy if you're in love with trends like tropical decor; And is that green will make your elements in wood or earth tones stand out much more.

Doors in blue: from Ibiza to a pop concept

Colored Interior Doors 4

Colored Interior Doors 5

The doors in blue can accompany a large number of environments. Normally we tend to think of this color as the ideal for Ibizan decoration. True, but the blue, to be honest, is much more. The blue can become a faithful ally of the most classic environments, providing a nautical touch if combined with white and wood. In addition, it can also be the perfect brooch for a more pop interior, rich in variety of colors such as yellow or red.

The delicacy of the rose

Colored Interior Doors 6

Colored Interior Doors 7

Not everyone accepts pink as a decorative color. It is often thought that it is more typical of female dormitories. Nothing is further from reality. Surely the rose is one of the most joyful options you can include in your home. Yes, a romantic touch always gives, but try to mix it with grays and whites, and even with plants, you will see that the result is much cooler than you imagine.

Yellow for non superstitious

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Colored Interior Doors 9

The color of bad luck for the superstitious. Yellow can also be very useful. Forget those absurd ideas about your gaffe power and begin to fill interiors with this tonality. In Nordic environments, with white walls and wooden floors, yellow gives a little life, just like other colors like red. In addition, it is a tonality that makes our house always vibrant and full of energy.

The Elegance of the Black

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Colored Interior Doors 11

Another color with a bad reputation is black. Yes, it has often been associated with concepts such as darkness or darkness. However, in decoration, this color is more typical of elegant and glamorous environments.

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Colored Interior Doors 13

From the front door to the perfect complement to a vintage style bathroom. The black makes your interiors look different and encourages light in the rest of the room, although another feeling a priori.