Clock with dominoes

We love DIY decoration for this reason, today we want to bring you a simple example, economical and really showy. It is about making a clock with the tiles of a domino.

Clock with dominoes 1

Think of dominoes. They all have a number right? So taking into account that each of these tokens has a certain value, it will not take much work to sort them in such a way that they exactly mark the numbers from 1 to 12. We also need a needle mechanism. If we have an old watch that we no longer use or are tired of, we will only have to remove the mechanism (the clock itself, with the needles). The other option is to get it in any gift shop, with buying the cheapest will suffice, because what we need is just the mechanism. But it is a matter of talking with friends or family, surely some have a wall clock that no longer use.

Clock with dominoes 2

To make the base we can opt for several formulas. There are those who choose a rustic and Provencal style, using a simple wooden board. We could also use the typical wooden pallets that we like and we talk so much in LastHomeDecor. Also, the treatment we give this table is our own. We can sand it and leave it even more rustic or to varnish it and even paint it. That goes to everyone's liking.

Another option is to use an old vinyl. We love this model, because it mixes two elements quite retro but creating a new article and with quite modern lines. The striking of this watch is the strange way in which they have arranged the pieces where only 12, 6, 3 and 9 were respected.

Clock with dominoes 3

Look carefully that in this case we can play with the colors, both in the dominoes and in the color that we choose to paint the vinyl. This may give us some ideas to introduce color to our watch with dominoes of another color.

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