Chic Country Style

With a clear English influence, certain touches of Shabby Chic and a rustic soul, the Country Chic is shaping up as a fashionable decorative style. The classic and elegant is not out of fashion, so this style has a passion unbridled by the old elements and small decorative details. They say that he is the new rustic. However, we consider that it is a mixture of the aforementioned styles, in which noble materials and natural fibers gain prominence by dressing the rooms.

Chic Country Style 1

We can start by recycling some familiar old objects. Thus, chairs, tables, vases, tables and any object with a certain English or country air will serve us. And is that in this cottage style, there are many objects that can be used, from carbon plates, toys, mirrors or even musical instruments. As we have said there is much of Shabby Chic in this style. However, unlike this, not so many pastel colors will be used here. We will be inclined by natural colors like beige, sand, coffee or earth. In addition, they can be perfectly contrasted with colors such as navy blue or even red.

Chic Country Style 2

Chic Country Style 3

Porcelain, wood and iron are materials that will look great in our Country Chic stay. Moreover, if we dare, we can test the rust on certain objects, because in this style they fit perfectly. For example, we can place an old iron with a little rust or even a half-restored trunk. The pieces of art used should preferably be antique, as you can imagine, would not fit a modern sculpture or an abstract painting. Thus, pictures with still lifes, field scenes or even portraits, will be a good bet.

Chic Country Style 4

Chic Country Style 5

Chic Country Style 6

If our walls are not upholstered with prints we can opt for colors like white or beige. In addition, these shades for curtains can be very flattering.

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