Bicycle Decoration For Home

Lovers of bicycles there are many, but also of decoration. Having a bike at home and finding no place to put it can be a headache for any lover of order and good taste. However, we have some ideas that you can use to place, discreetly, fun and even in an original way, your bikes. There are endless supports that we can find without problems in the market. Brackets that will make our bicycles are anchored, safely and therefore are not obstructing through an area as important as the hall, which is where we enter our home daily and where obviously our visits.

A little seen and quite original measure is to get a support that can be placed under the ladder. Thus, if our receiver has this element, we can use the space that is low, a place rarely used. If you have several bikes, that's no problem. There are supports that will minimize the space to the maximum and that also look great with several bikes. A very neat way to welcome our guests with Bicycle Decoration For our Home.

We love the supports that allow you to add other supports, such as a staircase; And is that so we will have extra shelves to place some plant or even to store other objects, such as shoes.

Finally, if you do not find space to place these supports, it is also interesting to make your bicycle is part of the decoration. Thus, we have been captivated by this idea, in which a bicycle with vintage air becomes the key piece of the decoration of this beautiful hall. Without a doubt a very original way of taking advantage of the space and the elements with which we count.