Beds Made With Wooden Pallets

Pallets, that material so versatile that we can make all kinds of furniture and decorative elements. This time we want to talk about the beds made with pallets. Many may think that it may not be suitable for this purpose, but the truth is that if we stop to think, the beds are structures with tables. No doubt the pallets too. So, it can be an ideal place to place our mattress. A rigid and firm surface that will make our bed also has a decorative plus.

Beds Made With Wooden Pallets 1

There are many options. We can, for example, create a mattress that has the same size as the mattress. In this way it will not protrude, appreciating the material only in the lower part.

Beds Made With Wooden Pallets 2

Beds Made With Wooden Pallets 3

Beds Made With Wooden Pallets 4

In addition, we can leave this bed frame at the ground, thus achieving the low bed effect, tatami mode, which we like so much. However, we can not rule out the option of creating a higher bed, with space below, to place boxes or any other type of objects. A great storage place that many will not want to do without.

Beds Made With Wooden Pallets 5

We can also choose to create a mattress bigger than the mattress. The stylistic effect changes considerably. It is ideal for the most original rooms, those who want to bring different elements. While it is true that this type of bed bases with pallets we love, it is necessary to add that perhaps, to make them bigger and leave so much space, is more complicated access to the bed.

Beds Made With Wooden Pallets 6

In this second option, the ideal is that the bed frame is flush with the floor, thus eliminating the gap under the bed.

Beds Made With Wooden Pallets 7

The beds with pallets are ideal, as we can see in the photos. However, many people choose to create matching elements. For example, the most recurrent option is to get a head of bed with pallets, thus we will get a unified bedroom. Although we can also opt for other accessories, such as nice bedside tables.

Beds Made With Wooden Pallets 8

Be that as it may, using pallets in the decoration of our bedroom is something that we love. An ecological decoration based on recycling that will surely attract all the eyes of our visitors.

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