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Everyone who works or study at home knows the importance of having a space dedicated to these tasks. Having a home office, whether it be a small corner with a table and a chair, facilitates concentration and allows you to maintain a proper pace and schedule of work. Preparing a special place to study, read, work and even surf the web with a delicate and romantic touch is ideal, if this is your favorite decorative style. Check out these tips to decorate beautiful women's offices and get inspired.

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The size of your office should meet your needs. If you run your own business from home and must receive from time to time someone, it is normal that you need a space much bigger than if you need a place to study or surf the net. Whatever the case, the most important pieces of furniture will be the desk and chair. You can use a simple table or a more complicated desk with plenty of storage, as this will always depend on your needs but the chair should be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible, especially if you plan to be there for a long time. The chair should have an anatomical back, which lumbar support your feet should rest on the floor when you are sitting.

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Locate the desktop in a suitable light source. If you can place it near a window, it would be ideal, because not only take advantage of the magnificent natural light but also you can inspire with the view. In case you can not count on a window, white light and an auxiliary lamp will be sufficient to be able to work without forcing the view.

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Beyond the furniture and basic features, a home office decorated in a feminine and delicate way stands out for its luminosity. The pastel tones, combined with creams and white are preferred. You can also add details in black or neon colors, but the base colors of the decoration should be very bright. Likewise, details such as cushions, flowers, wallpaper of romantic prints, colored lamps, papers, details for computers, cushions and plants are the protagonists of these spaces.

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As you can see, there is no fixed pattern to decorate offices in a delicate way, you only need well-spaced spaces with little furniture, lots of light and well-coordinated colors. Do not forget the storage space! Maintaining order helps to increase that delicious and inspiring atmosphere.

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