Bathtubs And Showers For Small Bathrooms

Bathtubs And Showers For Small Bathrooms Ideas

Today we bring you a very attractive solution for small bathrooms. When we reform these rooms, sometimes we are assaulted by the doubts shower or bath? These doubts, generally come given by the little space with which we count, therefore would be ideal to have a bathtub and a shower to be able to enjoy them whenever we wanted.

Bathtubs And Showers For Small Bathrooms 1

The showers are really more practical. However, bathtubs come in handy when we have small children, and even to relax us one day after a long day's work.

Well, what if I told you that it is not necessary to do without either? Bathtub showers have been introduced in the market for some time, or a combination of the best of these elements.

Bathtubs And Showers For Small Bathrooms 2

As we can see in the photos the concept is really simple. A bathtub that in the part of the taps has a bulkhead to the floor. In this way we have an opening of entrance, as in the showers.

This glass swing door has an automatic locking device that is 100% safe, as well as a flexible gasket such as the washing machines. This flexible gasket is watertight, so there will be no leakage problems.

Bathtubs And Showers For Small Bathrooms 3

As you can see this solution is ideal for small bathrooms. However, if we have a little more space, we can always place in a corner the bath and shower in the same space, without separation between them. We will only raise the level of the floor in the water area so that it differs from the rest of the bathroom. At the same time, a small step is created so that the shower can have its drain.

Bathtubs And Showers For Small Bathrooms 4

This second option also saves space, as the floor of the shower is the step for the bath. Thus, we will save more meters than we would have to place to create a separation hall between shower and bath.