Alternatives To Wood Floors

The wooden floors are so beautiful, cozy and warm. It is not new, wood has flooded the interiors of homes for a very long time. However, although it is a material that we love, the truth is that we also find inconveniences in its use as soil. To start its price, because natural wood can raise the budget line in soils. In addition, it should also be noted that this is a rather delicate option in terms of maintenance.

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If you are a lover of the wood effect, calm, there are solutions. Next we will approach 4 alternatives to the wood for floors, both interior and exterior. Then tell us what you think.


Laminate flooring emerged as one of the first alternatives to natural wood floors or floors. It is evident that those first laminates have nothing to do with those of now, that have managed to improve considerably in its aspect.

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Laminate flooring is formed from sheets of pressed wood fibers. At the top is a decorative layer that mimics the finish of the wood, and can be most realistic. In addition, a protective resin is applied to this decorative layer, which ensures that the soil itself is very resistant to bumps and wear.

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These are very resistant soils, which can also be placed in humid areas without any problem. Another thing to keep in mind is that its placement is very simple, without the need to pull up the previous floor. As for the warmth, although the wood is wood, there is no doubt that the laminate flooring can actually mimic the tread on this material.

Vinyl flooring an improved alternative

The vinyl floors came on the market shortly after the laminates. It is a pavement, as its name suggests, vinyl. A plastic coating that is downright tough, maybe more than the laminate. Thus, has gradually gained ground to the first, although its price is also higher.

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Among its advantages, it should be noted that it is a material that resists abrasion, is impermeable (prevents the development of bacteria and fungi) and has a very simple maintenance. In addition, the joints are almost imperceptible, achieving a practically continuous floor.

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As for its placement, you can find it with a click system or even those vinyl floors that are glued directly to the previous pavement, so the work is minimal.

Ceramics and porcelain tiles that imitate wood

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They are colder, but still imitate the beauty of the wood in a very realistic way. In addition, the ceramic or porcelain floors are so resistant that they can be placed in any space of the home, especially the porcelanatos, being able to place them until outdoors, because they are not altered with the rays of the sun nor with the climatic changes. In addition, it has very little porosity, which translates into a recommended option for the wettest areas of the house.

Outdoor resin flooring

Is it possible to place wood outdoors? Yeah right if. However, remember that maintenance indoors is expensive, so outdoor still more. An alternative, besides the ceramics that imitate the wood, can be the resin. Resin tiles that imitate wood, to be more exact.

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Its aesthetic appearance imitates the wood, giving a warm feeling to your exteriors, but in addition, it has to be taken into account that it is a type of floor that will not be altered by rains and high temperatures. In addition, it does not require varnishes or other treatments. It does not chip, does not crack and is very easy to install.

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